Famous Kayaking Destinations in the Philippines

Kayak Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago in the Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is bounded by different bodies of water, it has Luzon Strait in the North, Celebes Sea in the South, Sulu Sea in the South West and the Philippine sea in the East. It is surrounded by water which makes it more appealing to do extreme water sports like Kayaking.

Kayaking is a water sport which is done through the sea or lake with the use of a double bladed paddle and a Kayak. It can be done in the rough water as well but it should only be done by experienced kayak paddlers because it is extremely dangerous for newbies to try. As a testimony, while watching TV I came across one incident in Discovery channel where one kayaker was having fun paddling through the rapids then one mistake suddenly turned his life around. His kayak turned around and was stocked in big boulders while he was submerged upside down in water. I didn’t finished the TV show but he was miraculously saved for he with his friends were the one telling the story. If you’re a thrill-seeker you’ll definitely try white water kayaking.

Anyways, kayaking in the Philippines is still not that popular here but the Philippine Kayaking Association is doing all that it can to promote Kayaking in the country. You can read the news here: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/why-kayaking-is-more-fun-in-the-philippines-080838733.html

These are the popular venues for kayaking in the Philippines:

Coron Island

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Photo courtesy by coronecolodge.com

One of the most popular islands in Palawan, this island is the most popular site for coral reef and ship wreck diving within the depth of 10-30 feet, 60-80feet and 120-140 feet from shallowest to deepest accordingly. It has calm clean water good for snorkeling and kayaking.

Taal Lake

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This popular lake serves as one of the venues for kayaking marathons in Batangas. It’s clear and calm water would be good for kayaking especially for beginners. The water sport is not yet that popular in the province but ongoing efforts from an organization to promote tourism and environment awareness makes it to my list.


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The home of the Chocolate hills and tarsier is also now gradually being known for its kayaking sites. Bohol has clear, blue waters and clam beaches to boast. Kayaking can be great in Olango’s shoreline, Banacon Island, Pandanon Islands, Ubay and Dumog Islands.



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Located in Camarines Sur, Bicol, this island is a regular spot for reality shows like the survivor series. This is well known because of its lime stones formations and paradise like environment. Its rich nature will will definitely put it on the top of kayaking destinations.

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